Friday, March 24, 2017

I still don't like Trump; but he's still the President

Why no-one should be surprised Donald Trump won the election | The Independent

We're into months of the Trump PResidency, we're and still trying to figure out how he got there!
Do you even KNOW why nobody *including me*  likes Donald Trump?

It's because (TA DAAA!) you have been TOLD that you don't like Donald Trump.
Because it's not .. y'know ... accepted to like Donald Trump.

Why is it no one admitted to like Donald Trump?  Even thought they voted for him?

I like Trump for a very good reason: Because he's not HILLARY!!!

I think there are probably twenty-seven people who are willing to accept that Donald Trump was the BEST candidate for the office ... ignoring the alternative.

And yet he won the election because he WASN'T HILLARY!   

Which explains why more people voted for him than for Hillary.

Oh, how hard does anyone need to campaign on the political plank of being NOT HILLARY!\
Personally, I think that Donald Trump is the Second-Most Unacceptable Candidate for the Presidency of the United States of America,

And like 99% of America, I voted for him because he was NOT HILLARY!
Not like Al Gore, who lost the 2000 election because of his misplaced political position on Gun Control.  (The New York Times admits that Gore lost the race because of Gun Control!):

While Tennessee has moved to the right in national politics, Mr. Gore has moved to the left since his days as a congressman, particularly on issues like abortion and gun control that have put him at odds with many Southern voters. If he had not, Professor Geer said, ''He could still have carried Tennessee, but he would never have gotten the Democratic nomination.''


Mark said...

I like Trump, so there!

Anonymous said...

I know at least six people besides myself that like Trump. After Obama, what's not to like, and like you say. he's not Hillary.