Saturday, January 14, 2017

Lest We Forget: The Obama Girl

Crush On Obama - YouTube

But wait!

Hillary Boyz?

"I got a crush on Hillary!

(I'm so ... GAG ME!)

Is it possible that the "Grown-Ups" actually decided that Hillary Tits were not the best criteria for a presidential election?

["My Mom Is A Republican!"]


Mark said...

Remember the oldie about KFC's Hillary bucket? Two small breasts, two large thighs and a left wing.

Anonymous said...

Eager young idealists championing their candidate. These youths are the future of America, maybe even future leaders. Besides Obama Girl is kinda cute. The nearest thing to eye candy Hillary had was Huma.
Thank You Mr. Geek for reliving those days for us.

Anonymous said...

Where are today's Trump Girls and Hillary Boyz? I didn't see them.