Monday, January 02, 2017

Don't take advice from Joe Biden

Oh, this is wrong in so many ways!

Man fires gun to scare off suspects in attempted Antioch carjacking | WKRN News 2:
(December 29, 2016)

 ANTIOCH, Tenn. (WKRN) – An attempted carjacking victim scared off a group of people who tried to steal his car in Antioch early Thursday morning. It happened on Lori Drive around 1 a.m. Metro police told News 2 the man said he was in his car when three white men with bandanas over their faces approached him and attempted to open the car door. The man fired his legally-owned weapon in self-defense and the three men ran away, according to police. One of the suspects fired a shot as the group was fleeing the scene.
[emphasis added]

Note that the news article reports that the driver 'received' return fire;  the "suspects" were obviously armed.    If you're assaulted by armed hooligans, and you are in fear for your life, trying to scare them away by 'firing a shot' only warns them that you are armed.  They could as easily have shot the man.

In 2013, Dumb Joe suggested last year that people fire a gun "into the air" to frighten away attackers.

Bad idea.
It could get you arrested for 'firing a gun inside city limits'.  And you need to be aware of where that bullet is going to end up.

(Even the Huff 'n Puff Post knows better!)


Anonymous said...

Uncle Joe also advised shooting your double barrel shotgun through the door at home invaders. After all he is VPOTUS.

Archer said...

@Anonymous: And he's a bar-certified lawyer, so everything he says is legal advice, right?

@Everyone: Purely hypothetically, if I were an attacker, and I know you have a double-barreled shotgun, and I hear two blasts into the air, let me (hypothetically) congratulate you. You've just informed me you have an unloaded shotgun that you don't know how to use!