Monday, November 28, 2016

Practicing "From The Holster"

I ran across an old (2010) article at "The Truth About Guns" titled How Not To Draw A Gun From a Holster

From the article:
The holster action starts at 1:19. The wisdom of holstering a gun on an empty chamber is open to debate. The main disadvantage: racking the slide is a complicated maneuver at the exact moment in your life when you don’t need any complications.
I'm glad to see these young men practicing; they clearly need it.  One guy took about 10 seconds to engage 3 pepper poppers; it took him five shots to knock them down.

Here's the video:

(Turn the volume down ... the music is annoying and too loud)

I'm glad to see them practicing, because they clearly need it, but they'r practicing bad habits.

Here's how it should look:

Her time: 13 seconds

Of course, she started with a loaded pistol in her holster.

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Anonymous said...

The results of some good coaching and training are evident.