Saturday, November 12, 2016

Please don't let the screen door hit you in the rear on your way out!


(a list of Liberal Celebrities who think we care whether they stay or leave)

There are a plethora of other websites which have published lists of prospective "Ex Patriots", but they are largely redundant and this list seems to include most of them.

The funny thing (and I mean funny in the sense of 'amusing', not 'odd' is that there are no follow-up stories of "Celebrities Who Have Actually Left The Country Since Trump Won!"

These 23 Celebrities Said They'll Leave The Country If Trump Wins - Catherine Dunn:  *
   1, Jon Stewart 
   2. Chelsea Handler 
   3. Neve Campbell 
   4. Barry Diller 
   5. Lena Dunham 
   6. Keegan-Michael Key 
   7. Chlo Sevigny 
   8. Al Sharpton 
   9. Natasha Lyonne 
 10. Eddie Griffin. 
 11. Spike Lee
 12. Amber Rose   
 13. Samuel L. Jackson 
 14. Cher  
 15. George Lopez  
 16. Barbra Streisand 
 17. Raven-Symon
 18. Whoopi Goldberg  
 19. Omari Hardwick
 20. Miley Cyrus 
 21. Ruth Bader Ginsburg  
 22. Amy Schumer 
 23. Katie Hopkins

I recall a similar list when "W" won the presidency, and as far as I can tell nobody actually left then, either.

One funny thing about this list, is that I don't see Alec Baldwin on the list;
he was on the "George W. Bush Ex-patriot list"  back then.
He didn't leave either.   In fact, he disavowed the rumors!

I wonder how many of the current list of Bail-Out Big Names will follow in Baldwin's "Flunk-out Footsteps" this year?

* I make no claims to the veracity of the reporting.  In fact, I don't even know who half of these people ARE or why anyone cares whether they stay, or leave  (I recognize 11 names).
 But I do find it amusing that all of them are Democrats.   I don't recall any Republicans "threatening" to leave America if a Democrat was elected to the highest office in the land.   I may be mistaken, but I'm never wrong.

Also, it's interesting that the article cites "23 celebrities", but the LINK cites "10 celebrities".  My guess is that the list grew as other opportunists jumped on the non-committal Band Wagon.


Anonymous said...

They appear to be modern American Icons and trend setters, but will they be missed?

Anonymous said...

Rumor has it that the Canadians don't want them.