Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Knockout Animals

David Codrea recently posted a condemnation of that "social phenomenon" (not his words) called by media "The Knockout Game".

It's not a game. It's rampant lawlessness. It's gang violence. It's a pack of jackals circling a victim

Watch this.

No "Trigger Warning", except: this is America?

  Watch while the animals find, then surround, then take down their prey.
(The video is from a commentator on Codrea's article.)

Watch them as they abuse his unconscious body, then taking his trousers and shoes, passing them around to be tossed into the air as if they were trophies.   They first take down their prey, then they violate his sanctity, then they violate his humanity.   Then they abuse his body with kicks ad punches, pick him up and toss his corpse in the air, in apparent glee.

And at some point during the killing frenzy their prey ... dies.
There may have been some time between the fatal knockout blow and his death for someone to call for an ambulance. Nobody in this video wanted  that.  They wanted to kill him, and were delighted at their success.

What are the odds, eight to one?  Hard to tell from this fuzzy video.

I've never seen anything more horrifying than this short scene.

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Anonymous said...

This is something that CANNOT be discussed in modern America. Just pretend it does not happen.