Tuesday, August 02, 2016

Big Brother Comes To Europe

Europe is considering a 'tracking system' to vet ... and follow ... every individual crossing its borders.

The intent?  Watch the movie.

Surveillance of Everyone: Europe's "Smart Borders" Would Automatically Monitor Individuals:

Walls and wire fences are not all that's being built at Europe's borders. The European Commission and Security Companies dream of "smart borders": a multitude of automated and interconnected files and control apparatuses able to follow each individual. The program's objective? Counter-terrorism and keeping migrants out. But these structures -- the effectiveness of which remains to be demonstrated -- risk straining public finances, while threatening civil liberties and private life, should some states decide to pass from border control of each person to surveillance of everybody.


Anonymous said...

A peek into the future.

Archer said...

How do they justify calling them "smart borders", if all they do is track where people go?

"Smart cars" drive themselves. "Smart guns" only fire for authorized users. Extrapolating from that, "smart borders" should move themselves as national boundaries shift, and should physically stop all non-authorized individuals from crossing those boundaries.

Calling a border-installed tracking system a "smart border" is like saying, "We tried to send 'smart guns' to the Mexican cartels during Operation Fast & Furious". The results will, I believe, be about the same.