Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Philando Castile shooting

All I want to know is what was in the pocket.  Was it a Wallet, a Concealed Handgun License, a Driver's License, or a handgun?

Why in the HELL has the MSM not mentioned this in the past WEEK when they have printed thousands of words about it?

Minnesota officer reacted to gun, not race, attorney says:
The Minnesota police officer who fatally shot a black man in a Minneapolis suburb earlier this week spoke out through his attorney Saturday saying that the shooting had nothing to do with race. The officer, identified as Jeronimo Yanez, shot and killed Philando Castile Wednesday during a routine traffic stop. Castile and his fiance, Diamond “Lavish” Reynolds, were pulled over for an alleged busted taillight. Authorities told the Associated Press that Yanez approached the vehicle from the driver’s side while his partner, Officer Joseph Kauser, came around the passenger side. Yanez eventually opened fire, striking Castile multiple times. Minnesota attorney Thomas Kelly was mum on the exact reason why Yanez shot Castile, simply telling AP the Latino officer reacted to “the presence of that gun and the display of that gun.” Kelly went on to say that the officer, who was placed on administrative leave after the event, is distraught and saddened. The story made headline news after Reynolds live streamed the aftermath of the shooting on social media site Facebook. In the video, Reynolds narrates the scene, stating that the officer shot her fiance as he was reaching for his wallet.

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Anonymous said...

The MSM will print the truth (facts) when them become available to them.