Monday, July 11, 2016

Guilty Conscience?

State lawyer wants legislators’ addresses removed from pro-gun blog | The Sacramento Bee:
Warning of “a grave risk” to elected officials, the California Legislature’s legal arm has asked the blog platform WordPress to take down a post listing the addresses of lawmakers who supported gun control legislation. Gov. Jerry Brown on July 1 signed several gun control measures, fortifying California’s already strong gun restrictions over the objections of those who saw the bills eroding Second Amendment rights. Among other things, the new laws will require background checks to purchase ammunition, broaden the definition of illegal assault weapons, outlaw possession of high-capacity magazines and limit gun lending.
Should legislators, at any level, be held accountable for the laws they adjudicate?

That's the question being asked of the California State Assembly in regards to the recent draconian anti-gun laws they have proposed

Senators should listen to their people BEFORE they cast their votes.

Obviously, the second thoughts of the Elected Officials are driven by their concern that violance might be the result of their legislative efforts.

That reflects poorly on their trust in the citizens of their state.   Do they not trust their constituents?
Why not?   Don't they think they have properly protected the rights of the people who elected them?

The people who elected them, trusted THEM to represent the interests of the people.

Now, these same ligislators want to preserve their anonymity.

One might be wary of politicians who don't want their constituents to know where they live.

If they don't trust the people who voted them into office, why should those voters trust them?

1 comment:

Archer said...

Now, these same ligislators want to preserve their anonymity.

Ummm... no. Not going to happen.

What the CA-holes want is to exercise POWER and be protected from the consequences. That's not how this is supposed to work.

It's very simple: If you want anonymity, don't run for PUBLIC office.