Sunday, June 26, 2016

Stop! Just STOP the Baloney. Crooks Have Guns Already!

I am SO sick, and tired, of all the BS about Gun Control.

Criminals already have guns.  Their cousins have guns.  Their aunts have guns.
Guns are "'merchandise', not 'product'.

These people get guns from all over;  Guns are under-the-table sales, they're stolen, they're bought from burglars ... why do "You People" think people rob occupied homes, anyway?  Because they're after your Bank Card .. which you carry with you?

Why do "You People" think you can regulate guns by passing laws?
The only people that are going to pay attention to your precious new laws are the people who are "law abiding", and you'll probably make criminals out of THEM when they recognize that your new "common sense safety measures" are unconstitutional, and they won't obey them anyway.

So why bother"  If you're a Politician, I know you're in it to look good for the ideology  idiot-olgy which supports you, but why do you listen to them?  Make sounds, and then vote according to the Constitution; nobody will notice.  They're busy watching the Southern Border, and cheering on their new best friends; their latesr 'home boys'.

(Oh, never mind, the liberals won't allow Wetbacks in their neighborhoods, unless said Wetbacks are carrying a leaf-blower.)

Crap.  Crooks could get your gun by mugging you on the way to work.  But you don't CARRY guns .. which is why the bad guys feel quite comfortable about mugging you (thank you very much) because no matter how much you squawk on the Internet about how you "Carry 24/7", they know you're a liar.

You're wearing a suit?  Who do you think you are, Denny Crane?

You can't control the guns.

You can't even drink three beers at the end of the day without peeing your pants before you get to the Little Boys' Room.  What makes you think you can control guns?

I don't know who you are, and I don't care.  I would just like you to (please .. I'm trying to be nice here) get the heck out of my life and quit trying to decide how I should LIVE my life.

".. you can't even run your own life; I'll be damned if you'll life mine!"

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Anonymous said...

But, but more gun control would take the guns out of the hands of crooks. So it is spoken and so shall it be.