Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Limit 'Ammunition Clips'

The really charming thing about Professional Politicians (aka: "Those Sucking On The Public Teat") is that they feel free to state broad generalizations for publicity, but they're not so good on details.

During the June 26 broadcast of Meet the Press, Senator Tim Kaine (D-VA) said the U.S. needs to put stricter limits on the capacity of “ammunition clips.”

Host Chuck Todd initiated the focus on gun control by asking, “Are you in favor of an assault weapons ban?” Kaine responded, “I have voted for it, but I think there’s a better way to go at the problem–and that is limitations on the size of magazines and ammunition clips.”
Kaine said the way to undercut manufacturers’ ability to skirt bans is to say, “You can’t sell an ammunition clip or a magazine that would have more than 10 or 12 rounds, that is a very strict [ban].”

There is a problem?

I wasn't aware of it.  Just what 'problem' would be 'gone at' by limitations on the "size of magazines and ammunition clips"?  (Ignore the awkward and semi-literate phraseology of the Democratic Senator from Virginia.  We all know he's talking about how many rounds may be loaded into a firearm before it must be reloaded.)

So, it's a 'very strict ban' to SELL (not possess, not import, not manufacture)  "magazines and ammunition clips" which would have more than "10 or 12 rounds".

In what way is this "a very strict ban"?   What should it be, TEN or TWELVE rounds?  Why is one number 'better' than another?  Why not Six, or Seven?  Why not Thirty rounds?  Where do you draw the line, and what should be the penalty if your TEN ROUND MAGAZINE (for example) is proven to accept ELEVEN ROUNDS if you push hard enough ... even though it may not feed reliably?

The question may sound ... facetious.  But it's actually a point of law.  It's only that the 'limit' is so arbitrary, and proposed as a law which will be enforced (fine or jail time???) that People Want To Know!

Would this make a felon of an honest citizen?  Are the people who propose these laws actually aware of the harm which they potentially do?  

Do they even care?  Or is all just a media event?  (Which doesn't mean they won't enact that, or a similar, law; they have done that before !)

(My "Ten Round" .40 cal/10mm magazines can be converted with a vise or a pair of pliers to accept and feed 11 or more rounds of 9mm ammunition ... or I can just put the magazine on the concrete garage floor and stomp on it until the feed lips are close enough to single-feed 9mm ammo.  Does this make me a felon?)
The point is .. this is all arbitrary, there is no justification for these proposed magazine limits, and these people are making it up as they go along; but you and I are the ones who face penalty, confication, prison time if we break these unreasonable and arbitrary "laws"!

No idea where The Honerable (if ignorant) Gentleman from Virginia pulled that number ... probably someone in a Gentlemen's Lounge brought it up in casual conversation, and the Honerable (if ignorant) Gentleman from Virginia though to himself:  "Hey, this is a headline grabber!"


One of the things that Effective Problem Solvers do is follow a Six Step Process:

STEP ONE:  Define the Problem
STEP TWO: Propose a solution; define the aims of the solution
STEP THREE: Define the alternatives, and possible consequences, of the solution
STEP FOUR: Test the solution
STEP FIVE:  Refine the solution; retest until (if necessary) discard it
STEP SIX: If not discarded, implement the solution

The Honerable (if ignorant) Gentleman from Virginia skipped Step One, went DIRECTLY to Step Two, and ignored everything else.

Just like a politician.

Here are just a couple of questions which one wishes that 'real reporters' would have asked:
  • Why would "limiting ammunition clips" solve A problem?
  • What is "The Problem" that this measure is intended to resolve?
  • Why does The Honerable (if ignorant) Gentleman from Virginia think that this measure would solve ANY problems?
  • How did this idiot get elected

Here's the BAD news:  Senator Kaine is on the "Short List" for Vice Presidential Candidate under prospective Democratic Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton.

God Preserve America, because this composit list of IDIOTS political incompetents certainly will not.

Just saying ...

God Protect America and Americans, because our lawmakers are idiots who know not what they do ............ not do they really give a damn as long as it looks good in the newspapers.


Anonymous said...

Amen to all you said.

Mark said...

What the shooter had magazines that only held 7 rounds and he had 20 of them? How did this happen? Quick we must limit...