Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Democrats call for 'family sit-ins' on guns

Democrats call for 'family sit-ins' on guns | Washington Examiner:
(6/27/16 4:14 PM)
House Democrats on Wednesday plan to stage a "national day of action" against gun violence that will feature "family sit-ins," House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., announced. Pelosi said the action would "carry forward the momentum" from the Democrats' takeover of the House floor last week. Democratic lawmakers staged a 25-hour sit-in which included attempts to disrupt the floor schedule and votes. 

Oh, yes.   The Pity Party strikes again.  

 They demanded the GOP leadership allow consideration of two gun control bills, but relinquished the floor hours after the GOP adjourned the House for a week-long recess. Their efforts gained them praise and attention on social media, where lawmakers broke the House rules by streaming their sit-in live from the floor of the chamber. 
Yes, the Democratic Party certainly raised the Moral Level, or something, with their catered photo opportunity  (illegal) strike.

Well, the house doesn't 'do' filibuster, so I guess they had to do something ... although when Senate Republicans last filibustered a bill, the Democrats complained that the Republicans were 'just mean!' .  (And then kicked sand at them)
 Democrats also used the event to ask for money from donors.
Oh.  Okay, that explains everything.

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The agenda is all powerful.