Thursday, June 09, 2016

Brits in Birmingham Bemoan Bad Boys

A police chief has warned gun crime remains a major problem in Birmingham, despite dozens of arrests.West Midlands Chief Constable David Thompson told the Police and Crime Board in January that shootings were happening in the city with “concerning regularity”.He used the same forum today to say that despite arrests, convictions and 84 firearm warrants in just five months the battle against guns had “not gone away”. 
Despite having some of the most restrictive firearms-ownership laws in the "Other Advanced Countries", the British Bobbies can't seem to keep their citizens from shooting the crap out of each other.

I wonder if Hillary will use the "Reasonable" restrictions on citizens in England as a campaign talking point, she did with  the similar (almost identical) "The Australian Solution" which she described recently as "worth looking at ".

See below
Unfortunately for Hillary, Americans ARE thinking about both the Australian and the English approaches to eliminating firearms violence, and the conclusion seems to be that it Just Doesn't Work.

As much as the Left denigrates the catch-phrases of legal, responsible American firearms owners, it appears that at least one of them is very much to the point:


Mark said...

See what happened in Kalifornia yesterday?

Anonymous said...

9th Circuit Court of Appeals decisions affects the entire west coast, Montana and Nevada, don't they?