Tuesday, May 17, 2016

You Get The Police Force You Deserve

British police reluctant to carry guns because of prosecution fears: Home News
 Police chiefs are struggling to recruit enough officers willing to carry a gun to tackle a Paris-style terror attack, because they fear they will be treated as criminal suspects if they use their weapon in the line of duty ... potential recruits were being deterred because of fears they could spend years under investigation after a decision to fire on a suspect ...
THIS is what you get when your "litigious society" is more focused on criticizing the cops than stopping the bad guys.

Curiously, the Brits are quick to criticize America for being a "Litigious Society":   and if you read both the lead article, and the article linked to in the preceding line ...  ^  ...

... then you have just learned the meaning of 'IRONY'.

Okay, I'll save you the trouble: here's what you'll see if you go to the link:

Iwent swimming at a lake upstate this summer with some friends who were visiting from Canada. From a distance it looked like a magical spot to cool off on a particularly sticky day. When we got there, however, we learned that the only place we were allowed to swim was a tiny cordoned off area that was further divided into even tinier subsections. As if that wasn't enough to drain any possible pleasure out of the experience, the lifeguards, who could pass for navy Seal trainees, were so authoritarian that a five-year-old girl was ordered out of the toddler section because her rubber duckie ring was not a "coast guard approved floatation device".
As we were driving away soon afterwards, in pursuit of a more hospitable watering hole, one of the Canadians remarked:
I guess that's what you get for living in such a litigious society.
And this is the problem, right? Because of the presumption that Americans never leave the safety of their own home without their personal injury lawyer's phone number on speed dial, we are forced to live in a society where excessive precautions are taken in most public spaces – and many private ones as well – to ensure that no accident or injury ever occurs. I mean, this is the country where you can spill hot coffee on yourself, sue the company that sold it to you for millions and, worse still, win.


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Litigation = lawyers have to make a living.