Friday, May 27, 2016

Hero of the Month: Ms. Stacie Davis

"Your mama know you have this gun?"

Over 1000 to honor woman who took gun from 11-year-old boy walking down suburban Chicago street | WNYW: CHICAGO -

(Chicago City Leaders join) in honoring a woman who took a gun from an 11-year-old boy on a public street..  And well they should!.

The video which was recorded in Harvey, Illinois shows Ms. Stacie Davis confronting the 11-year-old boy on the sidewalk. Ms. Davis claims to have seen children behind a building where one of the young boys put a gun in his pants. After confronting the boy, Ms. Davis took the gun from the clearly agitated young boy. 

At 11 years of age, your heroes don't include your mother; it takes years of maturity to learn that the person most familiar to you is your best mentor.   Sometimes, even Hillary Clinton can be right: it does 'take a village'.

We've been writing for YEARS, here, about the need for Chicago citizens to take the lead in reducing violence in their neighborhoods.

And residents of other high-crime neighborhoods in major American cities.

Ms. Stacie Davis is the hero of the month for accepting the personal responsibility of teaching the youth of her neighborhood the lessons he may not be listening to at home.   It's not that this little boy hasn't heard the lesson, it's just that sometimes you need to hear it from ... someone else.

This lady might have saved a few lives in these few minutes out of her busy day.

She gives me hope..


LibertyNews said...

Please, someone take her to a gun safety course! Would be a shame if she shot someone while waving it around.

Mark said...

Mother of the year!

Archer said...

She's lucky the Chicago PD didn't arrest her for this "illegal transfer" and charge her with trafficking.

Good on her for stepping up, but she's fortunate her good deed was allowed to go unpunished.